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One Stop Solution is very enthusiastic about dreams and we make them come true for you. Believing in making it happen by providing you all you need for that dream house, One Stop Solution is a one stop shop for all the housing needs. Now you sit back, relax and browse online, while One Stop Solution provides you an online shopping getaway for the construction and designing needs of your home. And though it’s new and first of its kind, we have an experience of 25 years in the same sphere and more than 1 lac products you can choose from.

We strive to drift constructing, redecoration, modernizing and procurement of house from tough to easy. In this era of digitalization, do everything with a single tap! All you need is to select which article, you want to buy and at what price with the comparison between the price at One Stop Solution and market price of the product. Being a client driven company, we hire professionals to help you, who don’t leave any stone unturned to satisfy your desires and needs of a dream house.

We endeavor to make online as well as delivery remarkable outcomes to our clients. Most importantly, your reputation is transcendent to us. We need your endorsement to make One Stop Solutions successful story.

So, let’s get on to make your home unique and fantastic!

If you are a Customer

We want you to take a moment and look at things around you particularly with a view of how you sourced them. Recollect how you bought the clothes that you are wearing, the food that you ordered last night, or the cab that you booked on your last drive. We believe, your sourcing behavior has evolved from sourcing from traditional mom-and-pop shops in the 90s to offline aggregators (shopping malls, food courts, etc.) in the 2000s to digital aggregators today. Does it bother you that for construction material, you still have to wander the same cluttered streets as you did in the 90s, negotiating for every rupee while staying at the mercy of the traditional boutique shop owner to deliver assured goods. For you, we are the online shopping mall that guarantees satisfaction across 40,000+ products, verified (wherever applicable) at our in-house quality testing lab and procured from 500+ Trusted sellers across North India.

If you are a Seller

we empathize with you. We understand that your sales have fragmented and margins have dropped due to increasing competition while your expenses are rising every day. You are also challenged with limited trustworthy work-force to add to physical stores. No matter what you do, how much you do, it will always fall short before a customer. For you, we are the digital platform that will help you stretch your market boundaries, offer 24×7 customer service and a bouquet of other solutions to make yourself a preferred sourcing partner. Enjoy hassle-free selling anywhere, anytime.

If you are a Manufacturer

we understand the daunting task you face to achieve marketing efficiency and adhere to constantly changing regulations and compliances. We also understand that you wish to use the best-in-class ERP solutions to manage your businesses for which you often face resistance from stakeholders in the supply chain. Come on board as we connect you directly with your consumer and help you build business intelligence on consumer buying behavior. Our tech-enabled distribution & fulfillment solution will allow you to get real-time visibility of stock at various distribution points of the supply chain. Digital information flow will further extend agility to comply with regulations.

If you are a Financial Institution

with a broader view of the construction industry, join hands to explore unchartered territory. We understand that creditworthiness means the most to you. Partner with us to make use of our on-ground knowledge and background research on your borrower. We will share your pain and enjoy your success. After all, we wish for the construction ecosystem to evolve and wipe off the derogatory reputation it has earned in the last decade or so.

If you are a Job Seeker

join us if you wish to work alongside someone who exhibits passion, self-governance and positive attitude. We promise to invest in you, to present you opportunities that will be satisfying each time you will reflect on journey. Our only expectation in return is for you to love yourself. For the heck of it, let us say that we are nascent, we are young and above all we are determined to challenge the status quo. Join us in our quest to disrupt the construction ecosystem.

If you are a Investor

we understand that we don’t know each other and committing to this relationship is a difficult call for both of us. Albeit, we promise you that our INTENT, at all times, will be to make a very genuine attempt at it. We understand that you are bored with clichéd conversations and we are bored with amateur knowledge-building ones.

Let’s talk if you are serious in partnering with us in getting this industry upto speed with the 21st century.

For the analysts some facts & figures
Founders:Sunil Kumar
Operating Model: Online Marketplace
Parent company: Savino Engicon Private Limited
Secret Sauce: 30 years of trade knowledge and network
Found in   with operations commencing in Patna
Fulfillment capabilities as on 1st March 2019: North India
Headquartered at  Patliputra Rly Station, Patliputra, Patna
Registered Office state: Patna BIHAR

In addition to his management responsibilities, Sunil also Heads the sales vertical, where he combines his passion for transforming the industry and connecting with people. Being a Software Engineer, Sunil enjoys spreading information about different construction material with people and help them make the right purchase decision.


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